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RollCall Attendance Integrated With Payroll (HRMS)

One stop solution for both attendance and payroll. Automate the entire process from attendance to processing payroll. Roll Call Attendance system provides many benefits to organizations and Educational Institutions. It enables employer to have complete employees working hours (Timecard and Time scheduling). It helps control labor costs by reducing over-payments. Manual processes are also eliminated. Our Time Keeping system is invaluable for ensuring compliance with labor regulations regarding proof of attendance and Time keeping solution.

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Campus Management

Campus Management is a management software for educational institutions for administration and management activities. Our tool is the most User-Friendly with low cost in the market and is filled with features like Registration,Admission, Courses,Fee,Accounts,Student Staff daily Attendance, Examination, Students progress, Payroll, Transportation, Inventory, Accounts, MIS Reports. Our software is a versatile software suite available both in Online and Offline modes. Additional setup is done depending on the chosen software suite. Parents can login to the mobile application to check the student ledger and attendance

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Accounting & Billing Software

Billing, Order Management software helps you a lot in streamlining the operations and goes beyond in house inventories You need to have products available to meet your customers’ demands and also not overstock or under stock any particular product. So, instead of relying on your memory, your inventory management software helps you in making better judgments SIMS gives you the complete picture of your products, stock, Billing, Suppliers and many more. It also notifies you with the Day End Account closure as an Email, giving you the comfort of being in different place and still getting to know whats been done for the day.

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(CRM)Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM application has features that helps you to build solid relationships with customers, track sales activities, automate, and keep sales processes streamlined. All of the tools that are bundled with the software work together nicely throughout large and small business projects.

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